Where is cb4960?

cb4960, creator of several invaluable tools such as Rikaisama, cb's Japanese Text Analysis Tool, JNovel Formattersubs2srs and Epwing2Anki, hasn't been active in the forum since July last year.

I hope cb4960 is doing well. Does anybody know what happened?
I don't know what happened, but I hope he's ok! Looks like he answered a question on SourceForge 6 months ago and that's the latest I can find from him:
I did an admittedly brief Google search though. Perhaps someone else can find something more recent.
Edited: 2017-02-16, 9:52 pm
I hope he's doing well too. I have used pretty much every tool on that list (I'm reading something thanks to JNovel Formatter at this very moment).
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Me too. I hope he's doing well and achieved his goals. I looked him up maybe a year ago and I believe he was working at a software company in Los Angeles. I believe I found him though a social networking site either linkedin or facebook. A quick search just now didn't find anything, but maybe some deeper searching would find him again, or maybe he's keeping a low profile.

I'm glad there are other crazy people like me who appreciate people over the internet and wonder how they are doing years later. There are a few people from various defunct online communities who I would really like to know how they are getting on after all these years.
Well according to his forum profile on this site ( he's been here as late as December last year. Might just be burned out on Japanese / software dev / have important things going on in life.
Edited: 2017-02-17, 10:53 pm