Switching to OS X for web development ?

Why do this now when Bash for Windows is a thing, and Microsoft is putting out great software like Visual Studio Code?
Because I want to use OS X? Duh
(2017-04-15, 3:56 pm)ファブリス Wrote: I remember now the one I used on my iMac in 2010-2012 was Tuxera NTFS-3G. They have a paid version, and there was a free presumably slower version.

PPS: looks like they just don't give a pre built version (since 2012) to push the paid one, but it's possible to build it. I'm not versed enough in the Sierra C compiling so hopefully there is a tut somewhere to build it.

There is a homebrew formula that will install it.  You might already know this, but homebrew works like apt-get in linux - install homebrew and you can install all sorts of usefull stuff like ffmpeg and wine.
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Oh awesome thanks! I still need to look into Homebrew. How safe is it to use? Any gotchas I should know about where I could mess with the OS?
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Afik it's as safe as the software you are installing. From what I understand, it installs everything into a central homebrew folder so it's not like it's changing things with the OS or installing files in random places all over the computer. There's also an uninstall function so you can uninstall certain binaries if anything breaks or you can uninstall everything related to homebrew.

Btw, macports and fink are two other package managers which work like homebrew. But homebrew seems to have become the most popular in recent years. There are many articles comparing the merits of each.