Yomichan (JP dictionary for Chrome/Firefox + EPWING + auto flashcards)

Yomichan turns your browser into a tool for building Japanese language literacy by helping you to decipher texts which would be otherwise too difficult tackle. This extension was inspired in part by Rikaichan and Rikaikun, but it stands apart in its goal of being a all-encompassing learning tool as opposed to a mere browser-based dictionary. It is the evolution of the Yomichan plugin that I developed for Anki when I began studying Japanese.

[Image: term.png]

Official homepage and documentation:

Download it from the Chrome Web Store:

[Image: chrome-web-store.png]

Download it from the Firefox Marketplace (Firefox 51+ only):

[Image: firefox-marketplace.png]

At present, Yomichan is sitting in a queue to be reviewed and signed by Mozilla. If you don’t want to wait for several weeks for approval and wish to use this extension in Firefox today, you can follow the steps below:

1. Type about:config into the browser address bar.
2. Skip past the “voiding your warranty” nag screen.
3. Type xpinstall.signatures.required into the search bar on top.
4. Double-click the displayed entry to set its value to false.
5. Install extension as usual from the Firefox Marketplace.
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